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How to choose a cost-effective floor drain, the material and price of the work floor drain are far different Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 11, 2021

The bathroom has always been the most important place for home decoration, especially its drainage is the most important place to consider. To drain the bathroom, the most dependent thing should be the floor drain, but the material and price of the floor drain on the market are far different. How to choose? I really don't have a bottom in my heart!

The choice of floor drain is related to the drainage situation of the bathroom. Nowadays, the difference between floor drains sold on the market is as high as 100 yuan. What is the difference between this expensive floor drain and linear drain factory the cheaper one? Is it necessary to choose a high-priced floor drain? Today, Huahua will let you know what is the difference between the floor drains with different prices. If you choose the right floor drain, you don’t have to worry about the drainage speed!

1. Drain

Just now Huahua said that the first thing to consider when buying a floor drain is its drainage. Nowadays, most floor drains use the flap core type drainage method, so that when the water flow is large, the flap on the floor drain will be flushed away, thereby draining the water.

However, high-priced floor drains are generally larger in the production of filter plates and filter screens, which indirectly indicates that their drainage speed will be faster, and cheap floor drains will be made smaller and the number of holes on the filter screen will be less. Therefore, the drainage will be weaker.

2. Blockage

What is the most feared about the drainage of the toilet at home? The most feared is blockage. Once the floor drain is blocked, the sewage will naturally produce a lot of peculiar smell if it cannot be discharged, and serious cases may cause water leakage. Therefore, we need expensive floor drains at this time. Generally, the drain outlet of this type of floor drain is relatively small, so that some small impurities can be blocked from the outside. The drain outlet of the cheap floor drain will be relatively large, so that over time, there will be a lot of strange impurities left in it.

3. Odor

Whether it returns to the smell is also a problem that we should consider when choosing a floor drain, because many times the odor in the bathroom in our house is because the floor drain and the sewer are not handled properly, which will eventually cause the odor to jump upwards and make the bathroom smelly. !

Generally, the odor resistance of the floor drain is determined by the flap on the floor drain. Because floor drains with high prices are generally more detailed in the production of flaps, they will be closed directly after the sewage is discharged, so that the possibility of peculiar smells will be small. Cheap floor drains are a bit rougher. If the flap is not closed in time after draining the water, the odor in the sewer will spread, which will eventually lead to a strong odor.

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