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Better machinery tell you what is the floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 04, 2016

The floor drain in our bathroom in life, it is one of the essential products, there may be people who don't know what is the floor drain, so the next Yuhuan Baxter Machinery Co. Ltd. went through the following what floor drain is introduced, to understand!
What is the type of floor drain
There are two categories of leakage, seal floor drain and sealing floor drain. The water seal floor drain trap in the drain water to achieve the sealing effect; sealing floor drain through a spring, magnet, bearings and other mechanical devices or soft materials will be sealed floor drain. Including the inverted bell seal floor drain water seal floor drain, eccentric water seal floor drain and half open water seal floor drain three; and sealing floor drain is divided into leak flap, float type floor drain, drain, spring type magnet type duckbill type five floor drain and drain.
What is the material of floor drain
The common drain material is divided into three types: copper, stainless steel and PVC. The three floor drain which is better? Stability and quality of the cast copper drain is better, but the price is relatively expensive; stainless steel floor drain is relatively common, and the price ratio of copper to cost PVC floor drain drain; the most expensive price, but easy to aging deformation. Selection time, according to their actual situation to choose the right product.
What is the structure of the floor drain
Includes several parts: floor drain cover, drain panel, debris filter, deodorization floor drain core. Each part of the structure plays a very important role.
What is the purchase of floor drain
1, ordinary floor drain generally comprises a floor drain body and a floating cover. The floor drain body refers to drain seal parts, the main part is the storage bay, because many currently rely mainly on deodorant floor drain water seal, so the structure design is reasonable, the depth determines the drain sewage capacity and the capacity of anti odor. Floating cover with water with the water in the drain body floating, floating cover is connected with many other clock cover, water or less water will drain cover die, to prevent the odor from the pipes in indoor.
2, has the exclusive use of the floor drain from use function, the floor drain is divided into ordinary and special washing machine two. Special washing machine is a drain hole in the middle, can be used for drainage pipe insertion, overlying the rotatable cover, when not on the cover, when unscrewing, very convenient, but a deodorization function than ordinary floor drain. However, due to the Yuhuan Baxter Machinery Co. Ltd. in the room to suggest not to set up and install the floor drain, there are also some floor drain is used.
3, material selection is exquisite. On the market floor drain from the material on the main stainless steel floor drain, PVC floor drain and copper drain three. The floor drain buried underground, and good sealing, so can not be replaced frequently, so the choice of appropriate material is very important. The copper drain due to its excellent performance began to occupy an increasingly large share of the.
Because the stainless steel floor drain beautiful appearance is quite popular in previous years, but the Yuhuan Baxter Machinery Co., said the high cost of stainless steel, and the coating is thin, so a few years still can not escape the fate of PVC and rust; drain cheap, deodorization effect is good, but too brittle material, easy to aging, especially in the north of the winter low temperature, not too long time will need to be replaced, so the market is not optimistic; on the market at present is the largest copper chrome drain, its thick coating, even for a long time the patina, better cleaning, under normal circumstances, copper drain can be used for at least six years.

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