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Drain to select suitable effective control of bathroom odor Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 04, 2016

he continuous development of the bathroom, the modern urban life is busy and tense, a warm home can give everyone the most relaxed leisure time. But how can we make our homes warm and comfortable? As long as the master some skills, you can easily create a pleasant home. Yuhuan better machinery for you from home decoration to the Home Furnishing layout and a series of fashion information to help you have a comfortable life.
The floor drain is an important interface to connect with the indoor floor drainage pipeline system, as an important part of residential drainage system, which directly affects the performance of indoor air quality, is very important for bathroom odor control. The floor drain is small, but many will choose a suitable drain issue to consider.
The premise to construct a, floor drain can not be changed in the existing building structure, deodorization floor drain should be the best way to solve the odor problem. How the deodorant floor drain? Then you have to know how it works. Ordinary floor drain generally includes a floor drain body and a floating cover. The floor drain body refers to drain seal parts, the main part is the storage bay, because many currently rely mainly on deodorant floor drain water seal, so the structure design is reasonable, the depth determines the drain sewage capacity and the capacity of anti odor. Floating cover with water with the water in the drain body floating, floating cover is connected with many other clock cover, water or less water will drain cover die, to prevent the odor from the pipes in indoor.
Two, has the exclusive use of the floor drain from use function, the floor drain is divided into ordinary and special washing machine two. Special washing machine is a drain hole in the middle, can be used for drainage pipe insertion, overlying the rotatable cover, when not on the cover, when unscrewing, very convenient, but a deodorization function than ordinary floor drain. However, the experts suggest that not too much room to set up and install the floor drain, there are also some floor drain is a dual purpose, the bathroom is very good.

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