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A good-quality floor drain has multiple effects such as waterproof Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 26, 2021

The space with a lot of water or the bathroom, whether it is washing or bathing, must be carried out in this area, which will make its daily drainage work relatively large. When installing drainage floor drains in the bathroom, two more will be installed to speed up the water discharge. . However, the floor drain is the area that connects the room with the sewer pipe. If the floor drain does not have a good deodorizing effect, it is easy to let the odor of the sewer diffuse into the room, which will make our living environment lack good air, and target the floor drain. Is there any way to solve the offensive problem? Although the floor drain is small, it plays a particularly large role. A good-quality floor drain has multiple effects such as waterproof, insect-proof and anti-clogging. The most important function of the floor drain is to prevent odor.

If you choose a floor drain with weaker odor resistance, it will make the bathroom smell unpleasant. Smell. The floor drain is not deodorized. The bathroom is designated to have an unpleasant smell. This situation can only be solved by replacing the floor drain. However, when purchasing a floor drain, it is still necessary to understand the principle of floor drain deodorization, so as to ensure that the floor drain can work normally. 

The water-sealed floor drain has a safer use effect, but the self-sealing its drainage speed will be faster. Each floor drain has different advantages. If the bathroom is often drained, it is best to choose a water-seepage floor drain, and its deodorant effect will be better. There will be no problems with normal use.

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