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What kind of floor drain is suitable for home use? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 12, 2020

What kind of floor drain is suitable for home use?

Many people don't care about the choice of floor drain in the bathroom when they are decorating. As a result, they move into a new house and find that there is always a peculiar smell at home and the sewer is easy to block. What kind of floor drain is suitable for home use?

1 See whether it is deodorant from the sealing method

Whether the floor drain can play a deodorant effect, the key is to see whether the sealed state during idle time is realized, such as the depth of the water seal: shallow water sealed floor drains tend to dry up due to small water storage during idle time,recessed linear drain and the floor drain will be in an unsealed state at this time Status, the peculiar smell in the sewer and even mosquitoes will have a chance to take advantage of; and the deep-water sealed floor drain will be sealed due to the internal water storage when it is idle. Although the floor drain has different sealing methods, it is better to find out the principle and choose a floor drain that can effectively seal during idle time.

2The drainage must be smooth

The inner diameter of different floor drain sockets is different, but the choice of floor drain must be large enough. It is a disaster if the water pipe bursts when there is no one in the house. According to the international standard of floor drain, the drainage volume should reach 1L/sec, but in daily use, it is best to reach 1.3L/sec and above.

3 The best filter screen diameter is between 5-8 mm

The filtering function is related to whether the floor drain is easy to be clogged, too large a filter screen will cause clogging, and too small will cause troublesome cleaning. The best filter screen diameter is between 5-8 mm.

4 parts are the best durable

After all, the floor drain is an item that is usually easy to overlook. If it breaks in three days, it will be a headache, so when choosing, try to avoid the floor drain made of plastic core. According to the statistics of several Guangzhou decoration companies, the highest praise rate is still the mechanical gravity-sealed floor drain. This floor drain has a piston type structure and can be opened and closed by the balance of the slider inside the seal core and the water flow. Because it does not need to be sealed by external force and is not sealed by water, it can maintain stable performance for a long time, once and for all.

5 Pay attention to the pressure of the floor drain of the washing machine

The instantaneous water flow when the washing machine drains is extremely large, which will also generate a lot of pressure on the floor drain. At this time, it is recommended to use a special floor drain for the washing machine, or directly choose to install a professional pipe for drainage.

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